ULPNode Low Power Secret Revealead

ULPNode Low Power

After several articles and some intensive tests with ULPNode, it’s now time to explain how the low power engine has been built. Even if you can find plenty of Arduino clone node, when it’s time to power them with battery… Continue Reading


ULPNode first prototypes status

ULPNode 1st Proto PCB

Today I wanted to do a quick project status of the 1st prototype of ULPNode I received some days ago. After the introduction of ULPNode, and both articles about  bootloader (1 and 2) used, for this one I will start with… Continue Reading


Use RFM12B, RFM69, Micro SD or Flash EEP using ArduiPi NRF24L01 connector

Use RFM12B, RFM69CW, RFM69W or RFM69HW, Micro SD or Flash EEP with NRF24L01 connector of ArduiPi board (or other) Updated 2014 September I created 3 other small boards, V1.2 without SD but very small, the V1.2 SMD ultra small (version… Continue Reading