Synology Ipkg Optware Installation

This is how I installed ipkg and kernel modules on my Synology SAN (my version is the DS1010+)   All stuff source is grabbed from here but just in case it dissapears one day I add to my blog.

Download and install the bootstrap script

go to the following url http://ipkg.nslu2-linux.org/feeds/optware/ and download the file for your synology Here for DS1010 (Intel Atom) it is syno-i686/cross/stable/syno-i686-bootstrap_1.2-7_i686.xsh

Put the file somewhere on one of your nas share (in my case choosed NetBackup so /volume1/NetBackup/)

Then you need to enable SSH from Synology DSM. Log on the Synology Web Interface, then go to Control Panel, Terminal, and check Enable SSH service.

Reboot your Synology.

Then connect with ssh or putty to your synology with root account (same password as admin account) and set the downloaded script as executable

chmod ug+x /volume1/NetBackup/syno-i686-bootstrap_1.2-7_i686.xsh

Execute it

sh /volume1/NetBackup/syno-i686-bootstrap_1.2-7_i686.xsh
Optware Bootstrap for syno-i686. 
... Successfully terminated. Setup complete.

now reboot the Synology


Once done SSH connect back to the syno with root account and update package repository with the two following command

ipkg update
ipkg upgrade

then you can install any package you need, for example nano

ipkg install nano

If after a DSM update installation and customizations are broken check the following.

SSH to the synology and verify that you have optware still here

ls /volume1/@optware
bin          include      ipkg-P33TSs  libexec      sbin         tmp
etc          ipkg-3e0RAH  lib          man          share        var

Now verify that the file in /etc/rc.local contains the following

mount -o bind /volume1/@optware /opt 
# Optware setup 
[ -x /etc/rc.optware ] && /etc/rc.optware start mount -o bind /volume1/@optware /opt

Add the paths (/opt/bin and /opt/sbin) of optware if not present on /root/.profile file edit /root/.profile and set the path (in bold)


Reboot your Synology, ipkg and other services should be back….


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