RIP to Old School Forums, welcome to Community

Quick word to give you some details about the changes done recently on the blog and Forum.

As you may certainly noticed, and I described is my previous post a new community forum is born and I’ve now changed some things on the way this blog was managed.

I’ve just finished the old forums migration, this mean that all posts that was there are now into the new community forum.

Impact of Migration

Forum Users

All users who done at least on topic on old forums have been created in the new forum. A reset password message has been sent to you to be able to reset your password and log to the new community with your nickname or email address (both works)

New users or not migrated users can create an account only the community, you can do it in a very easy way because you can log in with top used social authentication account (Facebook, github, twitter, …)

Due to tons of spam on my blog, any registration will now be “email confirmed”. If you connect with social account like github, do not forget to go to your community profile and put a correct email (github create a dummy one). Once done, from your profile choose to send back a email confirmation because you will never receive the 1st one, it’s a dummy one ;-(

Blog Users

Any user who now want to comment an article will need to register on the community because it’s now the community application that manages the users. This does not apply to forum users that were migrated “by hand”

Current Blog

Registration on Blog are now closed since all goes thru the community. This does not mean that you can’t comment article.

Each time a article will be published on the blog, a corresponding topic will be created in the community on the category Blog Article Comments. So any comments you do on the community for a article will be visible in the comments area on the community AND on the blog and vice-versa. You can comment from whatever you like, on the community or on the comment area at the end of the article page, not bad at all 😉

Blog article notification

For those who want to watch and be notified on new blog article, as you registering on blog is closed, it’s easy, you just need to register (if not done) to the community then go to the category Blog Article Comments and select “Watch”. Also verify in your profile that mail notification is activated.

I hope you will like the new community Forum, I tried to do my best. I think it will change my life in term of management because it’s so easy to answer and get notification on any devices and especially smartphone. Before, managing answer/question/topics, … on a forum (not only mine) was a pain but now, this time is over.




You can discuss about this article or other project using the community forum